Bob Whitesel

I started Missional CoachesAuthor image Bob because I was regularly being asked to train consultants by colleagues, students and fellow authors. Subsequently, each year a select few are invited to travel with me and be actively involved in all aspects of consultations. The consultants in these pages are only the best who have served with me and I recommend them highly.

In addition, I actively consult on a regular basis. My fees are higher because you were getting the trainer. But I will be glad to work with you to fit a consultation within your budget.

Please consider these coaches, too. They are the best of the best.

However, if you feel led to utilize my services, please contact me today at

In His Grace;
Bob W. <><

PS. See these related resource websites:
For 25+ years, respected in practice and academics.

Founding Professor
Founding professor Wesley Seminary at IWU and former Professor of Missional Leadership.
You can travel with national leaders to the English sites that changed John Wesley and will change you.
Weekly additions to a library of 1,590+ leadership articles curated by Bob Whitesel PhD.


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