Jan Paron

Dr. Jan ParonAuthor image Jan is the director of PerSpectives 12 Ministries. She additionally serves as dean and professor with the All Nations Leadership Institute, as well as assistant pastor at the Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip, Illinois. Her academic background encompasses forty years in both education and ministry centered in urban, underserved communities in Chicago and surrounding metro areas. She holds a MEd and PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Loyola University of Chicago and a MA in Ministerial Leadership from Indiana Wesley Seminary.

She has extensive knowledge in areas related to diversity due to wide-ranging positions in education and urban ministry. Her work reflects experiences in multicultural church planning, leadership, theological education, and theological studies.


Multicultural Church

  • Communicating Across Cultures
  • Serving in Multicultural Ministry
  • Leading in a Diverse Church
  • Unity of the Church
  • Preaching to Diverse Audiences


  • Managing Change and Conflict in a Diverse Congregation
  • Initiating and Evaluating Strategic Planning

Theological Studies

  • Exegeting and Interpreting Scripture
  • Writing Theological Essays

Theological Education

  • Establishing a Bible College
  • Creating Online Instruction
  • Developing and Assessing Theological and Ministerial Leadership Curricula
  • Training Teachers: Children’s Ministry, Adult Sunday School, and Bible College
  • Supporting Student Behavior: Discipline with Dignity: One Size Does Not Fit All


  • Communications Across Cultures Reader
  • Seeking the M.O.S.A.I.C. Church Reader
  • Serving in Multicultural Ministry Reader
  • Backwards Curriculum Mapping Handbook
  • Teacher Coaching Handbook
  • Engaged Learning: Teaching All Tribes and Nations

Contact Jan at janparon@gmail.com


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