Matt McCarrick

Hello! My name is Matt McCarrick.11223905_10153170849143848_3108742820811764141_n
I am passionate about seeing the local church live out the mission of the Gospel! I have an undergrad in Bible and a Master of Arts in Church Leadership. I trained under Dr. Bob Whitesel and have 15 years of ministry experience, including: Pastor, youth pastor, creative director, and leading and launching small groups.

If you are interested in creating a multi-generational ministry, reaching younger generations, launching or re-launching a healthy small group ministry, or creating a viable social media presence, I believe I would be the perfect coach for you.
Please check out my contact info below.

I look forward to serving you!

Areas of Focus:

  • Modern worship
  • Small groups
  • Social Media
  • Family Ministry
  • Multi-generational Ministry
  • Conflict Management
  • Navigating Change

Contact Matt:

1[1]     2[1]     3[1]


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